Práxedes E. Tercero

March 19 1990 | Esteli, Nicaragua

Práxedes Tercero received her Bachelor of Arts in Government and International Politics from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia in 2012. She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Finding forms in the void of human emotion

Her highly autobiographical work attempts to reconcile emotions with cosmic and spatial theories as well as examinations of perceptions of reality. The artists uses circular and linear forms to depict the feeling of one of the deepest human emotions: nothingness - a void in one's own perception of emotion or the void formed by devastation. As a political and social scientist, the artist examines the grid as a structure of power, subversion and strength as well as the tangents linking entities which may be considered unassociated as pieces of one macrocosm of which human consciousness of emotion is founded.

Earlier works include collages and digital photography in the same vain of examinations of cosmic forms in spatial planes.